Remembering Patrick

200px-North+South-Complete1-3The news shows this morning are full of images from Patrick Swayze’s career.  Most are showing clips from Dirty Dancing and Road House.  And while I’ve seen both those movies and marveled both times at his deep, sexy voice and beautiful bod, I’m remembering a different Patrick Swayze, one the media has overlooked.

North and South, anyone? It was only one of the biggest miniseries of the 1980s.  Who could forget the star crossed love affair of Orry Main and Madeline Fabray?  Maybe it’s just the history lover in me, but I still find Patrick-as-Orry far sexier than Patrick-as-Johnny Castle or pretty much any other role he played.  If you don’t believe me, check out this love scene between Orry and Madeline.

As I mentioned to my fellow ACW bloggers this morning, I always thought that if there ever was a remake of Gone With the Wind (and I hope there never is! Can you imagine how bad Hollywood would screw it up?) Patrick would have made a great Ashley Wilkes.  Can you imagine the smoldering sensuality he’d have contributed to that role? Scarlet would have a much harder time choosing between Rhett and Ashley!

What are your thoughts? If you were re-casting GWTW today, who would you pick?  Patrick may have easily filled Leslie Howard’s shoes, but what about the other roles?  Renee Zellweger in a dark wig?  Scarlet Johansson?  Nah, I don’t think so. They’d have to do a world wide search for unknowns (unless Delta Burke, who was always my pick for Scarlet when my friends and I used to have this conversation, suddenly finds a fountain of youth!)

Now I’m off to pull out my old VHS copies of North and South and remember Patrick in my own way.

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